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When Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Short answer, always…Easy for a coach to say!

But there is more to understand when you are considering hiring a coach…

Here are some specific situations that lend themselves well to coaching:

  • You have a goal that is very important to you
  • Your lack of work-life balance is taking a toll on your health or relationships
  • You have a personal issue that is taking up a lot of your energy
  • Your boss has indicated your performance is unacceptable
  • You are considering changing jobs and/or career
  • You want to meet an ideal partner
  • You understand that you are not happy/fulfilled
  • You want to excel and succeed in your work
  • Your business is not doing well
  • You are having trouble with your level of motivation
  • You want to take things to the next level of success

Here are some reasons the timing might not be right for coaching:

  • You are clinically depressed (unless recommended by your health care provider as a support to other treatment)
  • You are quite sure you are already doing and understanding everything right, it’s just people or events around you preventing you from success
  • You are struggling to meet your basic needs
  • You’re quite sure that you don’t deserve happiness and success

Where do you feel you fit in?

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  1. I think hiring a coach is great for any woman that wants to be empowered!

  2. I love how well coaching can make a difference in my life. 🙂

  3. Nice, succinct way for individuals to check in with themselves and determine the appropriate level of services for them at a given time within the continuum of their struggles!

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