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Warning: When You Get a New Job, You Take Yourself with You
February 17, 2020
Changing Careers Cycle

It seems like such a perfect solution to your career woes…find a new job.

New boss, new co-workers, new desk, new job description, new salary. Get rid of that one super-annoying person and that one super-annoying project, right?

Well…Maybe not so much.

This might be hard to hear but the way you are interacting with your job might have something to do with the difficulties you are encountering. So switching your position out for a new one may be a great solution, for a time, but what you are likely to find is, soon enough, some of the old familiar patterns and problems start to creep back into your career life.

Some inspirational talk from a coach, right? Sorry for the bad news.

The good news is, there is a way to interrupt the pattern. You have to start with yourself, exactly where you are.

A great coach is going to challenge your same solutions you’ve always been applying to your problems that actually haven’t been working.

A great coach is going to ask you to consider new solutions to your problems.


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  1. I changed jobs once thinking it would be a lot better but it wasn’t πŸ™

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