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Job Search In Equals Job Out

I have helped hundreds of individuals move towards more satisfying job positions and careers.

Most individuals want a job that just feels better to them! Less of a chore, should or a have to, and more of fun, adventure, meaning and joy.

I want my clients to have those things too! But there is one trick that not everyone knows.

Your attitude during the job search itself, ends up being really important in being able to take a real step up in terms of how well your new position supports those types of career “feelings”.

Often, for whatever reason the old position has ended and you find yourself in between jobs…Fear and doubt start to set in. Then the procrastination. Soon enough the job search itself has become a heavy, fear-leaden process.

Then that tends to take you in a negative direction in terms of your own beliefs about what is possible, what you deserve, what you are capable of, and your connection to your insight, imagination, intuition and creativity that is so important in today’s environment for securing fulfilling work.

There is one sobering truth that you might find concerning if you’ve been immersed in a difficult job search process:

Energy of Search = Energy of New Job

Here are some examples.

Job search feels like a have to, should, difficult, annoying, frustrating. The job you eventually connect with will be difficult, annoying and frustrating. (!)

Job search feels hopeless, there is no meaningful work. The job you eventually connect with will feel dead-end, meaningless. (!)

Job search makes me question my abilities, reminds me of all the reasons someone might not want to hire me (resume gaps, age, gender). The job you eventually connect with may be filled with a boss and peers that tend to question your abilities and not give you the respect you deserve.

What does your search/change process feel like to you?

What if that is exactly what your new job will feel like?

Is that what you want?

I hope that if this feels a little shocking to you, you will take some time to consider adjusting your approach to better position you to find what you *really* want!

Your coach can help you!


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  1. I see this with my clients all the time!

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