What is coaching?  It’s a great question, not necessarily easily answered!

Coaching is a process wherein coach and client work together to effect positive change in the client’s life.  That change could include reaching a specific goal, increased joy, happiness and fulfilment, creating a new career, enjoying better relationships, etc., etc., etc…Whatever is truly in line with the values and highest desires of the client!

Coaching usually takes the form of powerful conversation, via phone, Skype or in person.

Coaching is sometimes more specifically defined as to the focus area, for example career coaching, business coaching, etc.  However, the best coaching is all Life Coaching at it’s core…Coaching in all aspects of the client’s life, because it is all related, and it all matters.

The best way to understand coaching is to experience it yourself.  One of the purposes of the My Life Coach Community is to allow you to learn about the styles of different coaches, and select a good prospective coach (or coaches) to have a free session with.

You’ll know you’ve found the right coach for you if you leave your free session feeling energized, optimistic and empowered.  If you then proceed with coaching (usually you’ll want to do at least 3 months to create lasting change), you will most likely find that your life changes almost immediately for the better, and, more importantly, your happiness, effectiveness and fulfilment levels increase in leaps and bounds.  It is these later changes, the internal ones, that will serve you for a lifetime, and can transform your life from one of stress and struggle to one of freedom, success and joy