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How to Get Past Perfectionism – 3 Steps

Despite what you might have convinced yourself, being a perfectionist is a wonderful thing.

You have a ton of potential, and you care deeply about things going well. You want the best for yourself and others.

The challenge comes in dealing with the gap between what currently is, and what you know can be possible.

If you have resistance towards the elements that aren’t perfect yet, you are going to cause yourself one or more of these issues: stress, indecision, procrastination, a decrease in performance, misalignment in priorities, lack of clarity, inability to connect with yourself or others, decreased energy and health challenges.

Decreasing the resistance to “the gap”, allows your natural genius to come forth, and accelerates your natural progress towards the “perfection” you know is possible.

3 Steps to Get Past Perfectionism (and Accelerate your Progress to Perfection)

1) Accept and celebrate that you are playing the “long game” of perfection.
It’s not about what is happening today, it’s about the habits you are building over time that are going to serve you more and more over the course of your lifetime.
2) Enjoy the best from yourself (even in the smallest of degrees towards the best) without “unenjoying” what isn’t the best (even in the smallest of degrees towards not the best.)
Get really good at identifying and celebrating what is going great, without feeling bad about what is not going so great. This is the most crucial aspect of the steps.
3) Relax and ride things out when sh*t happens. As you get better and better at accomplishing things, and life gets more and more perfect, inevitably you are going to be challenged with events that throw a wrench in things. A twisted ankle. A sick family member. A failed business. Be prepared in advance to not let this phase you. YOU are building your ability (see number 1) to get strong in your ability to play the long game, so outside events don’t slow down your long term progress.

Mastering the above three steps will enable your true genius to shine forth and allow you to achieve what you always knew was possible, with balance, flow, presence and personal fulfilment.

If you want a coach to help you with the nuances, get in touch!

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