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How Would You Help Me Get Out of Me Being Shy?

I got this great question from my niece!

I asked her one clarifying question…What don’t you like about feeling shy?

You can’t go out and meet new people without worrying that they won’t like you…

OK! We can work with this!

Here would be my suggestions:

  • Remind yourself that it is totally fine and natural to experience a little shyness. It shows that you really do like people and your heart calls you to share yourself! You can love that about yourself!
  • Remind yourself that the most important thing is always feeling good within yourself, and what other people think of you doesn’t matter.
  • Remind yourself to avoid thinking about what other people think…At all times! What matters is what you think and your heart tells you is right.
  • Remind yourself of this funny saying when you catch yourself wondering what others think about you:

What you think of me is none of my business!

  • Remind yourself that confidence is built with practise. The more you get out there, the more comfortable you will be!
  • Remind yourself that other people are often also more worried about wanting to be liked then they are concerned with what you are doing, in any case!
  • Remind yourself, very very often:

I am an amazing person and I love who I am on the inside! I’m open to people getting to know me, and I love getting to know other people. I’m confident that I can make wonderful friendships with people that would make good friends for me, and it’s OK if I’m not meant to be friends with everyone. I love myself, and I love other people!

(Or any other affirmation of your worth, awesome qualities, your goodwill and the goodwill of others!)

Enjoy being you more and more all the time!

(And the whole world will benefit from your sharing of you!)



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  1. This is helpful!

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