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How Do I Stop Being a Pushover?
July 10, 2017

Another great question that is on the mind of not only my niece, but many of my adult clients! (Although they may express the question a little bit differently.)

The cure to this challenge lays in developing good habits of “minding your own business” at all moments.

  • Your Business: What you feel, think, say and do.
  • Their Business: What they feel, think, say and do.
  • No-one’s Business: How things will turn out. (I know, it sounds crazy!)

And one other major reminder to give yourself as often as possible:

My feelings and my heart matter! It’s always my special job to tell my truth best I can understand and express it. It doesn’t matter how things turn out! The important thing is that I honored and told my truth.

Your heart will always tell you what is right for you. You can honor and take care of yourself by always telling your truth, even if are tempted to worry what other people will think.

When you follow these simple guidelines you will get better and better all the time at sharing your needs in a way that other people understand and respect almost all the time. And when they don’t, you will have the confidence to work things out in a way that makes sure that you are ok.

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  1. Getting better and better all the time, but need to keep reminding myself!

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