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Life Fitness Coaching Reinforces Mindful Choices

Life Fitness Coaching centers around the idea that the more “fit” we are in each of the dimensions in our lives, the more balanced and satisfying our lives will feel and the more energy we will have to pursue our passion and purpose.  A Life Fitness coach helps individuals pinpoint the source of their discontent, unrest, or general feeling of unhappiness.

It is often said that “happiness is a choice,” and it is, but achieving it can be easier said than done if we don’t know where our “unhappiness” stems from.  It’s impossible to change something if we haven’t recognized it as being problematic.  Life Fitness coaching is an interactive process that guides individuals to become more self aware, opening themselves up to what they might discover about themselves, their mindset, assumptions, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and automatic way of reacting to current life situations.

In this case, “automatic” doesn’t mean “natural, innate, or unchangeable.”  It means that through our life experiences we are all conditioned to react to certain situations in certain ways that may have served us well in the past, but upon closer inspection, are no longer beneficial to us.  Without being aware of this dynamic, we’re not making mindful choices…we’re acting “automatically” and often end up living with consequences that heighten our feeling powerless and unhappy.

But, if we take the time to delve into each dimension of our lives and honestly assess our behavior and contentment level related to that area, we can make conscious choices on how we want to respond, what we want to improve on or change, and what we want to reinforce.  We empower ourselves by taking ownership of our decisions and our lives.

Through engagement in Life Fitness coaching, individuals can learn how to stop “reacting” to life’s ups and downs, and start “responding” in ways that clearly state “I’m choosing happiness!”  This doesn’t mean becoming self-centered, reckless, or unfeeling toward others….it means becoming more thoughtful and assertive, and making the choices that will lead to the best possible outcomes while not intentionally hurting others.

Remember, happiness may be a choice, but it’s one that needs to be made over and over again and this mindset choice influences all the other decisions you make on a daily basis, big or small!

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  1. This is such a smart and effective approach!

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