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Introducing Laura Varga, certified Coach. Laura has been coaching and inspiring others in her leadership roles for over ten years using her intuition and natural talent to bring out the best in others. Laura has over 5 years of experience in a corporate environment where the coaching and development of behaviours and skills in others was her direct responsibility. Within 5 years of inspiring and motivating others to realize their goals and achieve greater career advancements Laura decided to pursue what she realized was her passion – Coaching.

After receiving certification from George Brown College Laura immediately started her own company, Life Design Coaching. Laura has inspired and motivated people to make big changes in their lives, from career goals, to relationships, to communication/listening skills, finding happiness, developing personal strengths and helping people achieve success in every area of Life, no matter how big or small the challenge may be. Laura has experience with people of all ages and backgrounds and motivates her clients to find the best in themselves to help them accelerate on their path to success in every area of Life. Laura’s ability to connect with teenagers and pre-teens has enabled her to coach them towards creating empowerment, confidence, healthy self esteem, organizational skills, leadership skills and life skills.

Her passion to connect with youth has lead her to Big Brothers Big Sisters North Durham as a volunteer Facilitator for the Go Girls! Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Program. This is an after school program for girls in grade seven and eight to develop leadership skills, confidence, healthy life style, life skills, and smart choice-making.

Coach Laura will help you find your best assets and use your ultimate “best” to accelerate your path to success or anything you want from Life. If you are seeking fulfillment, awareness, self discovery, purpose, success, or just want to find out what you want from Life, Laura will take you there!



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