It’s NOT the End of Facebook

It’s NOT the End of Facebook
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fb_icon_325x325We’ve all seen changes to the behavior of our Facebook news feeds…You may notice that your news feed has less variety and you may barely see updates from farther flung facebook friends, you know, 4F’s ;).  Miss someone’s birthday, oh no!

For businesses, panic may have set in…How come we aren’t reaching as many of our followers?  Ahh!  Call the paid advertisements people!

Some have even feared the end of Facebook.

No need to panic…Facebook may be on to something that may cause it to gain significant advantage over Google+ and Twitter, as argued in

Watch Out Twitter And Google+, Facebook’s News Feed Is Getting Smarter And Smarter

authored by content strategist Anthony Wing Kosner.

This is where Facebook’s genius really kicks in. Its stock valuation gives it an almost unlimited potential to improve its product through engineering. And, unlike Google, which also has vast engineering resources, Facebook possesses a product that has become habitual to its users. The crucial decision that created this opportunity for Facebook was the filtering of user’s Newsfeeds.

Read the article to fully understand what is happening at Facebook with Newsfeeds, and how this might impact YOUR business.


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