I’ve designed a system that helps you organize and perform your actual coaching!

So many of the more expensive and extensive coach training courses fail to help you with the most basic of things, how to conduct coaching sessions!

I’ve designed a system of forms that you can fill in as you go (printed or digital) that guide you through various types of coaching sessions, and help make sure you are doing what you need to do with each client!

If you are experienced, have extensive training, and still don’t know what to do, OR, you are just getting started, this system can save you TONS of time and hassle. Find out what you need to know now.

The system also helps you become a BETTER coach, so your clients keep coming back month after month and year after year.

Get your own coaching system here!

screencapture-executivecoachmichelecaron-fullpage-300x300We have a new style of WordPress Website over at CoachingRapidLaunch.com.

It allows you to change your photo, header and colors at any time in the live Customizer.

Yet is built in an easy to use, specially coded template to make your life easier!

Click to view the personal brand coaching website…

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simple-clean-wordpress-websiteCoaching Rapid Launch has a new style for coaching websites, called the Simple Clean option

More white space and a wide look makes things simple and fresh. Although it is often used in white, you can control the color and make it any background you wish.

Like all Coaching Rapid Launch websites, it comes with everything you need to build your coaching business!

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mastercoachFowler International has quietly introduced a new training style for their Certified Professional Coach course.

It is a live, one-to-one (via teleconference!) training with a Master Coach.

Just you, working one-on-one with a trained, experienced coach, sharing their wisdom and making sure that you are learning the concepts.

I’ve spoken to several people that have gone through the training like this and they are thrilled!

You can learn more about it here (third option!)

Certified Coach Training

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fb_icon_325x325We’ve all seen changes to the behavior of our Facebook news feeds…You may notice that your news feed has less variety and you may barely see updates from farther flung facebook friends, you know, 4F’s ;).  Miss someone’s birthday, oh no!

For businesses, panic may have set in…How come we aren’t reaching as many of our followers?  Ahh!  Call the paid advertisements people!

Some have even feared the end of Facebook.

No need to panic…Facebook may be on to something that may cause it to gain significant advantage over Google+ and Twitter, as argued in

Watch Out Twitter And Google+, Facebook’s News Feed Is Getting Smarter And Smarter

authored by content strategist Anthony Wing Kosner.

This is where Facebook’s genius really kicks in. Its stock valuation gives it an almost unlimited potential to improve its product through engineering. And, unlike Google, which also has vast engineering resources, Facebook possesses a product that has become habitual to its users. The crucial decision that created this opportunity for Facebook was the filtering of user’s Newsfeeds.

Read the article to fully understand what is happening at Facebook with Newsfeeds, and how this might impact YOUR business.


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question-mark-moneyThis is a question I get asked a lot, and it is a good one!  Your rates will form a fundamental part of your coaching business, it’s success, and the satisfaction of your clients.

First, some things that are true in coaching, IMO, that may not necessarily be true in other businesses:

1) Your rate has to work for you, the coach.  If it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be able to deliver effective coaching.

2) Your clients will be more invested, and see coaching as more valuable, if they are making an investment.

3) Coaching is a very specialized service.  You are providing something very valuable, and very intimate.  It should be priced accordingly.

4) Most coaches will want no more than 20 full time (weekly or semi-weekly) clients, in order to have time for professional development.

5) It is ESSENTIAL that you be free from financial worry in order to coach effectively.

If you want help setting your rate, contact me for a complimentary Rate Power coaching session!

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lucentCoaching Rapid Launch is creating great websites for coaches, with everything a coach needs to promote their business online, at an amazing price.

You can view sample completed coaching websites here!

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gray-300x208With Rapid Launch Sites, get your coaching website up and running faster than you ever dreamed possible.

If you are trying to run a coaching business without a website that you can change, add to, connected to social media and build your network, you are doing things the hard way!

Rapid Launch Sites

FIA_complete_home_study_dvd_course_briefcaseFIA has added a new option, and it is very popular!

Get the Certified Professional Coach course, both online and sent to you on DVD, with printed materials and a beautiful briefcase.

It’s one thing to take a training course, it’s another thing to have something physical to take away with you!

Of course, there is a Coach Michele discount!

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business-man7There are a ton of great things about being a coach.  Here’s a Top Ten!

10. Create your own working hours
9.   Utilize your talents
8.   Choose who to work with
7.   Be your own boss
6.   Unlimited creative outlets
5.   Work from anywhere you choose
4.   You determine your rates
3.   Your job is to be happy
2.   Your job is to be yourself
1.   Your job is helping people!