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Coach Michele is the founder and creator of, of one of the top-ranked coaching websites in the world.  She became a coach after the events of 9-11 to make a difference in the world.

She has had demonstrated remarkable results with top executives, professionals and with those struggling with weight/emotional eating.  She mentors coaches in how to create fundamental change and transformational results.

Coach Michele will give your readers/viewers/listeners a bold and different perspective on life that will strike an emotional chord and get them results.  You'll be surprised how many things that are "common knowledge" are exactly wrong!

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Coach Michele Caron

Creator, My Life Coach

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Here are just some of Coach Michele's/'s appearances:



Guest expert on the Mommy Weight loss series, May 9-13, 2011.  Watch the clips!



News Talk 980 CJME Regina, November 24, 2011 with host Andrew Dawson.  Listen: Does money buy happiness?

EZ Rock 97.3 FM in Toronto, and streaming at  Monday mornings, on the morning show with Humble, Kim, Colleen and Rick.  Feb - Dec, 2010.  See show topics here...


BBC Five Live - December 30, 2005


Armstrong & Getty Show, April 6, 2006




Langley Today:  Get Your Life, by William Perry, May 2011


Good Life in the City Magazine.  "Hey Coach, Put Me in the Game (OF LIFE)",  March, 2010


Focus Features.  Five in Focus.  Jan, 2010.


The Globe and Mail.  "Rookies could use a little coaching, too."  16/08/06


Toronto Sun, "For 2006, I Resolve", January 19, 2006, "Fight 5 Ambition Busters", January, 2006 Workology, "First Jobs Shape Future - Add to That Resume Early: Career Coaches", January 25, 2006


Named one of U.S. New and World Report's Career Coach Marty Nemko's favorite career websites, "Click Here for a New Career", 2006 Annual Career Guide, March 20, 2006


Singapore's Female Magazine, "What's Your Hurry?", July, 2006.


You can contact Coach Michele at


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