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Top Ten Energy Wasters

By Coach Michele Caron

Most of us spend large portions of our most precious personal resource, *energy*, on things that provide us no benefit, or may even harm us.

But, there is good news! Identifying these energy drains and reclaiming that energy can bring whole new levels of creativity, happiness, fulfillment and ability to take effective action into our lives.

If you are feeling confused, blah, ho-hum, unmotivated or bored, you should really take a close look at this list.  Even if your life is pretty successful and satisfying, most of us can still identify places to mine for more energy!  (By the way, thankfully, our personal energy is an environmentally friendly, naturally replenishing resource!)

Top Ten Energy Wasters:

1. Worry
Boy, a lot of people seem to put a great deal of energy towards this. What does it *ever* achieve? I suggest doing an analysis of the worrying situation on paper. If there are actions to take, take them. But you will usually find that the things worrying you are outside of your control. You can let go of the worrying, and use that energy to have maximum energy and health, to respond positively, creatively and effectively to the things that do happen in your life!

2. Procrastination
The whole time you are procrastinating about something, energy is going into maintaining a little wall in your mind, that "protects" you from the discomfort of not taking the action your whole self knows is right. And still, that little wall usually doesn't always block out all the discomfort, now, does it!  Why not just do yourself a favor and either take the action now, or cross it off your list for good.  Living in limbo is an energy waster.

3. Poor Eating Habits
I know, I know...No-one wants to hear about this, or admit it (sometimes, including me!)  But, it seems pretty sensible that some foods have certain *costs* when we eat them, rather than nourishing benefits like food is supposed to give! You know what these foods are for you.  Keep in mind, when you partake in these types of foods, there are energy *costs*.  Where could that energy be better spent in your life?

4. Fear/Anxiety
Wow! Can this one cause you a lot of pain, and waste a lot of energy.  This is related to worry, where you are projecting bad things into the future and then feeling pain from them. Fear also prevents you from taking creative, effective action.  This is a big topic that I won't be able to address in a few lines.  However, a recognition that this is an energy waster for you (if it is for you) and an intention to feel more peace, comfort, safety, etc., will automatically help you come to some of your own best solutions.

5. Disorganization
Again, wow, can this be an energy hole.  How much time have you spent looking for things of late, or worrying that if you did have to find something, you wouldn't be able to?  Would you feel comfortable with someone you respect coming to your home right at this moment?  If not, it *is* an energy drain for you on some level.  "Things out of place", whether it be car keys in an unknown location, bills not paid, or piles of laundry, do stress most of us in subtle to powerful ways, and drain energy.

6. "Negative" People
Now, *people* aren't really negative, they just may be in the habit of behaving that way, and I don't really even love the word negative, but I hope you know what I mean.  People that are always complaining, nothing is good, everything is bad, so and so is bad, your idea is bad, etc., etc., etc.  Those people don't feel good or energetic, do they?  And if you spend enough time around them you could start to be drained too!  Why not surround yourself with people that ignite the energy within you!

7. "Not Enough" Thinking
Many of us spend so much of our time sure that our job isn't good enough, we don't have enough money, we aren't attractive enough, our mate's manners aren't good enough, etc., etc., etc. Enough with the enough! ;) Seriously though, everything in your life is "enough", yet you can still work towards more!  Sound impossible to accept?  It may be challenging to come to this, but accepting that things are great, right as they are, can free up so much energy, and allow you to connect with a feeling of gratitude, which is an excellent energy source.  You are then in a super position to achieve even more (if you want) and really just enjoy what you have!  No matter where you are in life, you will always be on a journey towards somewhere else.  If it is never enough right where you are, then you are fooling yourself if you think it *will* ever be "enough" one day.

8. "Helping" Too Much
Humans are naturally "good" and we like to help each other.  Super!  The problem comes when we start giving more than we have to give.  Some people can really wear themselves out this way, or end up getting too involved in the emotional welfare of others, when they aren't taking care of their own emotional welfare!  When you are helping in the right way, it feels great and leaves you energized.  If your "helping" activities seem like a chore, or just too draining, you may want to assess if you are trying to give more than you have to give.

9. Not Saying "No"
This is somewhat related to above, but often there are *many* places in our lives where we could be saying "no" or making some sort of boundary.  This could be going to family social events you really don't have the time for, working extra hours at work for no extra pay, allowing someone to use foul or racist language around you, or even watching a repeat on TV that you really aren't enjoying!  Not only do these types of things take energy to participate in, but there is the added drain of doing something that in your heart you know is not right for you.

10. Lack of Physical Exercise
We've all experienced it.  With a little bit of exercise, you are recharged, full of energy, and ready to take on all the little ups and downs of life.  Not exercising will make you just that much more slow and tired, everything you do will take just that much longer, you'll be a little less creative, and everything you do will use up more energy than it needs to.  Put exercise back as a regular part of your life to get that energy flowing!


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