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Coach Michele on CTV's the Marilyn Denis Show


Mommy Weight Loss Series


Mom Miranda, fitness expert Brent Bishop, nutritionist Julie Daniluk, the fantastic Marilyn Denis, life coach Michele Caron, mom Sarah and mom Lila, on reveal day.


Marilyn brought together three experts, fitness expert Brent Bishop, nutritionist Julie Daniluk, and life coach Michele Caron, to help three moms, struggling to lose the baby weight, transform themselves and transform their lives.  You won't believe the results!

View on CTV across Canada

Moms Sarah, Miranda and Lila...They are glowing!


Here is more information on the tips you heard on the show:

Phase 1- De-clutter Your Life

Whenever you are going to make a positive change in your life, it is crucial to make room for that change:  Clear the decks!  Making room means de-cluttering

Clutter is anything that takes up physical, mental or emotional space and drains your energy.  Clutter tends to accumulate in any place or area in our life to which we have not given clear, positive focus.                                                               

Physical clutter can be that home office desk covered in papers, or that purse that you can never find anything in!  Mental clutter is often all the hundreds of things you worry about, that, in actuality, you can't control in any way.  Emotional clutter stems from the mental...The stress and fear that is taking up your energy and keeping you from tapping into your true power. 

Our true nature is to be enthusiastic, inspired, joyful, and absolutely connected to our own wisdom about what is right for us.  Clutter gets right in the way of that true nature!  If you really want to take care of your holistic health and well-being, it's time to let go of the clutter...


Stop worrying about others - you've got enough problems of your own, don't you?  Getting wrapped up in trying to fix things for everyone around us leaves us no energy left to care for ourselves!

Stop worrying about what others think of you - when you start to try and figure out how you look in other peoples eyes, you step into a dysfunctional hall of mirrors.  It is much more important for YOU to know what YOU think about YOU! Remember "what you think of me is none of my business"

De-clutter your calendar - Take a lot at the activities and events you are planning to attend.  Are you really looking forward to them?  Will they be an 8/10 on the fun or productivity scale for you?  If not, why are you doing them?!!!

Avoid overwhelm!  Things get overwhelming when it is too much at once.  Break things down into smaller components.  So, instead of ohmigoodness, I have to do 20 loads of laundry to catch up, just consider, I think I'll do one load of laundry.

Give yourself a break -You are, and you always have been, doing your very best, even when you made mistakes!  We are all human, and we should give ourselves and each other a break.  This is about loving yourself and the people around you!


De-Cluttering Activities:

Ю    Have a family de-cluttering party with a fun reward at the end of the day

Ю    Mind quieting activities:  Yoga, meditation, prayer, martial arts, etc.

Ю    Write a letter to someone who hurt you, or who you hurt.  It probably won't be appropriate to send it, but it will help you let go and forgive yourself and others.


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Phase 2 - Empowerment and Self Esteem

Our thoughts about ourselves will be directly reflected in our behaviour and consequently our weight.  When we judge ourselves harshly for our "failures", or dislike our bodies, we are creating the perfect recipe for gaining weight!

For all women, a first step is loving how we are right now...It is a bit of a paradox, but in order to change, we must be fully ok with how we look now.  Your loving of yourself will help you make good choices in your self-care.

True self-esteem comes from knowing who you really are, and living that truth in your life.  So many of us though, are putting others' needs ahead of our own, such that we can lose touch with what is really healthy and right for us.  It's time to put ourselves first.  It will be the best thing for us, and the best thing for everyone around us.

We need to discover who we really are, know our values, know our special gifts, trust our brilliant intuitions and exercise our creativity.  When we honour how wonderful we truly are, our weight naturally starts to balance!

5 Empowering Questions to Ask Yourself:

Ю    What do I absolutely LOVE to do?

Ю    Who do I admire most in life, and why?

Ю    If I could solve one world problem, what would it be?

Ю    What is my favourite feature of my body?

Ю    What is something I've accomplished that I am really proud of?


Empowering Activities: 

Ю    Creative, self-affirming activities such as improv, singing, dancing

Ю    Physical, self-esteem building activities such as kick-boxing, running, self-defence classes

Ю    Volunteering for a cause you are passionate about


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Phase 3 - Regaining Control

(Wondering why we talked about giving up control on Day 1, and now, on Day 3 we are taking about taking control?  Before, we were talking about letting go of trying to control the uncontrollable.  Now we are talking about taking appropriate control of the things we can control!  Join my eCoaching to learn more about what we do, and don't, control, and why it is so important)

To regain control of our lives, we must develop healthy boundaries to take care of our own energy. Even if you think your boundaries are good, know that most people need boundaries 5x more extensive!

You know one of your boundaries has been crossed when you get that "sick" feeling in your stomach. That's the time to get really conscious and ask yourself...What is my boundary? Then, you must communicate it! It is more important to communicate your boundaries right away, in the moment, than it is to get the wording exactly right, or worry too much if you are going to hurt someone's feelings.

It is always the right thing to do to speak up for your own healthy boundaries. You have to make sure you are healthy and energized first and foremost! Don't worry about what is going on for others, or certainly what they think or feel about you! "What you think of me is none of my business" is a good phrase to remind yourself of!

Dealing with Emotional Vampires:

  • Emotional vampires (EV) are needy people that will suck all the positive energy out of you if you let them!

  • You'll know you are around an EV by how tired and drained, and maybe even disoriented you feel around them

  • You have every right to leave any conversation at any time...Have ready made ways to excuse yourself, use them whenever things get "negative"

  • Better yet, tell the truth!  Say, "this doesn't feel like a healthy conversation for me, excuse me", and leave!  :)

  • The EV will try to suck you back in by flattering you, or preying on your good your intuitions and beware!


Regaining Control Activities: 

  • Have a list of your top 3 energy refreshers, and be ready to use them anytime you feel low (examples could be taking a walk, a bubble bath, five minutes of meditation)

  • Write a paragraph about your "ideal household", including how things would run, and your family would interact.  Is there room for some new boundaries to bring some of these things into effect?  (This worked a miracle for Lila!)

  • Ask yourself for each one of your friendships...Does this friendship give me energy, or take energy away from me?  If it takes energy away, there is something not right...


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