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Oprah Presents Master Class: Jay-Z…A Rapper Describes Flow

I love the new series on the OWN network, Oprah Presents Master Class.  The other day I was watching the one with Jay-Z, the rap superstar.

My mouth dropped open when he began to describe flow.  Now, he was speaking in the context of creating music (or, as he says, becoming one with the music), yet his words are strikingly applicable to life in general:

“Flow is just becoming one with the music.  You find someplace inside the music that you can tuck in, and you don’t get in the way of the groove.  You insert yourself in the song as an instrument.  You’re just part of the track.  You are no different than the horn or the snare or the bass or the hi-hat.  You found the place in that track to tuck in and you just don’t disturb the groove.  It’s just smooth, and it just flows.  I love having that experience.” ~Jay-Z

Replace “music/song/track” with moment and “the horn/snare/bass/hi-hat” with the other people/environment/event and you’ll have an outstanding sensory description of  life when you are in the flow, living in the moment, fully present.  Dare I even say, replace “the groove” with the Divine/Spirit/Love/Source/Life Force/Universe/God..?…I dare!

Update:  Youtube took away the video clip…  🙁  , and they don’t have it on Oprah’s site…Guess you’ll just have to keep your eye out for the episode!  🙂

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  1. Pretty cool!

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