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My Coaching Philosophy

There are certain careers or endeavors that are best guided by a cohesive philosophy as a foundation from which the individual operates, such as teaching, counseling, coaching, and even parenting.  I recently had reason to “revisit” and articulate in written form my personal philosophy on how I work with individuals in three of the four before mentioned arenas.  I was pleasantly surprised that this was easier than I had anticipated as the underlying principles for each endeavor, including parenting, are the same for me.

Coaching, counseling, teaching, and parenting are all human interactions.  The best coaches, counselors, teachers, and parents have a set of consistent principles they use to guide their actions and interactions with their clients, athletes, students, and children.  In each of these roles, we have the potential to have a profound impact on the lives of those with whom we interact…both positive and negative.  If we do not have a philosophy that guides us, it is much more difficult to be intentional in how our influence is felt by others.


My philosophy of coaching, counseling, teaching, and parenting is founded on the following principles:

  • Embracing a growth-oriented mindset that fosters a love for continued learning and self-growth beyond a specific class, certification, or degree.
  • Inspiring curiosity, enhanced self awareness, and the ability to acknowledge one’s own personal biases, strengths, weaknesses, and “blind spots.”
  • Utilizing self-knowledge to enhance empathy and understanding and to develop goals for self-improvement in both professional/academic and personal arenas.
  • Cultivating the ability to truly “see” the individual in front of us, not just a label, problem, or diagnosis, and, the willingness to learn from them.
  • Promoting a mindful way of living and showing up in the world, and being the creator of our own destiny in order to be better “guides” for others.
  • Operating from a place of “exceptions” that allows the discovery of strengths that can be tapped into to create solutions unique to each individual, whether this individual is a client, athlete, student, or child.

I believe that I am the very best tool in my coaching, counseling, teaching, and/or parenting toolbox.

Therefore, to be the best coach, counselor, teacher, and parent that I can be requires me to actively engage in a continuing journey of self-discovery and educational inquiry.  The goal of this journey is to enhance my own self-awareness and keep building my knowledge and skill base.  After all, I may be the only person in my clients’ lives capable of hearing AND holding their pain.  This is a sacred honor and trust and should be treated so.

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  1. Stephanie, @stephanieeissinger, I love your perspective. Any client would be super-fortunate to have you for their coach!

  2. Thanks, Michele. I feel honored whenever I am privileged enough to share someone’s self growth journey.

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