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Happy Thanksgiving, and a Wild Suggestion!

Coaching, ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. readers…

Many of you will be getting together with family…I’m sure most of you look forward to it, and I’ll bet that many of you, at least somewhat, dread some of the, let’s say, less-than-fully-functional family interactions!

Well, here’s my wild suggestion…

Tomorrow may be your very best opportunity, all year, for personal growth!

Family tends to push all of our “buttons”.  With a little awareness, and intention, we can use this button-pushing-opportunity to learn, grow, and heal ourselves (and quite often our loved-ones along the way.)

Doing one or more of these things would be extremely beneficial:

  • Notice when a comment or event makes you feel funny inside
  • Endeavor to keep your mental comments/judgments/commentary/stories/analysis to a minimum, and really observe, be present, and listen
  • Communicate your truth and feelings in the moment, without analyzing if you are “right”, if it is the “right thing to say” or how your thoughts/feelings may be received
  • Endeavor to take a giant step back, observe situations, and comment upon them.  For example, wow, it sure is wonderful to be together.  Or, wow, hey, how come we use our precious time together to bicker?
  • Endeavor to express love to a greater extent than you ever have before, to each person present

Happy Growthgiving!  😉



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