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Most coaches work by phone, so location is usually not a big factor in choosing a coach.  Telephone (or Skype) sessions tend to work really well for a few reasons:

- No one needs to drive anywhere, saves time, energy, money and effort

- Finding the perfect coach for you is more important than geography

- The phone provides a powerful, intimate, yet private way to communicate that eliminates distractions and possible visual clues we may use to pre-judge others.  Coaching telephone conversations are very powerful.

However, some coaches do provide in person sessions, and there are advantages to this format as well.  You may have your own reasons for wanting to find a coach close to you geographically and this page will help you!

Click on the region you are interested in (we are currently building this area of the site, if your link is not clickable there are no listings as yet):




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Coaches!  We are looking for more great coaches to be Featured Coaches on My Life Coach.

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