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If you've done any sort of research at all you've already seen that coaches have a wide variety of fees!

In general, coaching fees do need to be a significant investment for the client and make sense for the coach.

Often, the highest paid coaches are experienced and/or quite talented, and their fees are more than worth it.  However, paying more doesn't always mean better coaching!  Often you can find great coaches at a reasonable rate, especially if they are newer coaches.

Most coaches offer a variety of services and products with a variety of prices.  The fees we are talking about here would be for a typical month of coaching with your coach (usually consists of three calls plus emails, but find out those details from your coach.)  Many coaches may also be willing to consider special circumstances when setting your rate.

Click on the coach fee you are interested in (we are currently building this area of the site, if your link is not clickable there are no listings as yet):

Sliding Scale

$0 - 99 per month

$100 - 199 per month

$200 - 299 per month

$300 - 399 per month

$400 - 499 per month

$500 - 599 per month

$600 - 699 per month

$700 and above per month


Coaches!  We are looking for more great coaches to be Featured Coaches on My Life Coach.

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