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Hi!  Welcome to My Life Coach, and welcome to a stage in your life where you are ready and willing to achieve true success and fulfillment. 

Do you...

  • Want a more fulfilling life, but don't know how?

  • Know what you want to do, but are having trouble making it happen?

  • Want to be more effective at work and fulfilled in your career?

  • Feel confused or stuck?

  • Know you aren't living and performing at your full potential?

  • Want clarity?

  • Want to start living life as it is meant to be lived?

  • Want to feel inspired, happy, confident...Like yourself?

If so, life coaching could be perfect for you, to help you transform your life into one of deep fulfillment and outward success.  Either myself (keep reading) or one of my Featured Coaches will be the perfect coach for you. 

Imagine an end to the struggle.  Instead of an unending and seemingly futile effort to reach your dreams, the perfect people and opportunities come to you.  Life starts to flow, and you are happy, inspired, and reaching more of your true potential each and every day.  Becoming the person you were always meant to be, and living the life you were always meant to live.  You are your authentic self, and you experience the incredible fulfillment that comes from experiencing your potential.  Coaching can help you reach this place, and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Request a free life coaching session with Michele

Although my website is intended to serve a wide variety of people, my ideal client has specific qualities.  My ideal client is willing to think and do things differently to get different results.  I often work with executives and managers, consultants, entrepreneurs (including artists), and business owners.  My clients are already quite successful in many ways.  Often there are areas in their lives, however, that clearly are not working well.  Very often, my ideal client is a person of personal integrity that has lost touch with their own sense of confidence and security in themselves and the "right" actions to take.

Reality Check - My ideal clients know they have a ton of potential, but recognize that everything hasn't quite come into alignment yet.

I have had wide ranging career experience in science, health care and software engineering.  I also have been a student of personal development and the Life Coaching process for years.  I left my successful corporate career to live in harmony with my own inner values, and to help others achieve the success and happiness that we all deserve.   I believe that we can all contribute the most to our family, our community and our planet when we are doing work that we love and living a happy and personally fulfilling life.  Despite what society, or even experience, might tell you...this is not hard!  It is easy when you remove obstacles, release worry and fear, change limiting beliefs, discover your deepest values and develop an inspiring vision for your life.

Reality Check - What is very best and most important for you is known only by you (or through you).  As your coach, I am skilled in bringing that powerful information forth.

Here are some of the issues my clients come to me with:

  • I am successful, but not fulfilled, and I need to find out why

  • I am successful, but way too stressed out

  • This corporate culture is not giving me the opportunity to be my best self

  • I am having trouble with work/life balance

  • I have personal problems

  • I want my business to be more successful

  • I am wondering what other careers I might enjoy

  • I am "stuck" creatively or professionally

  • I feel like I am not making the most of my life

  • I've lost my confidence

  • I want to move my professional or personal life to the next level

  • I can tell I am starting to transform, and am brave enough to want to maximize my growth (or have had enough of suffering through the old ways of doing things!)

Reality Check - As a top performer (or if you want to be a top performer) you should be dedicating time each week to higher level functions, visioning, and development.  Is that happening now?  Let me partner with you in changing things today.

My ideal clients have the following in common:

  • In some ways, they are quite successful

  • They are open to new ways of thinking and doing things

  • They want to be happier and more fulfilled

  • They strive for truth and intellectual honesty

  • They have powerful minds

  • They have powerful hearts, but may have trouble accessing and using this part of their intelligence to full effect

  • They are currently, or have the potential to be, business, societal and/or cultural leaders...A person of integrity that lives life in congruence with their values.

I would describe my life coaching as logical, supportive, practical, intuitive and insightful.  You should be ready to learn a lot about yourself in addition to getting results in your life.

Reality Check - I am not the life coach to get OK results with, I am the coach to expect and achieve radical transformation with.  Do you feel the potential for greatness inside of you?  Coaching can help you release it.

What qualifies me to coach you?

  • A coach needs to be present and conscious to stimulate radical growth.  My life is centered around being present...Not just in my coaching, but in all moments.

  • I am successfully living my dreams, running my own business, with plenty of free time for family and creative pursuits

  • I have been a student of human development since a young age and have been involved in the coaching profession for years, even as I pursued my traditional careers

  • I have a had a very busy, highly-ranked coaching business for over eight years

  • I have a knack for recognizing the underlying principles behind human behavior, creation, and performance

  • I will tell it exactly as I see it

  • I will encourage and/or challenge you to determine your own most important goals and values and live up to them

  • I will help you discover, for yourself, the intrinsic and extrinsic value of happiness

  • I will help you develop your own sources of motivation

  • I will ask the questions you never thought to ask, in your life and in your business

  • I truly care about your success

  • You will get results

Request a free life coaching session with Michele

Why choose me as your coach?

  • You don't want to experience pain and frustration any more

  • You are ready to start living as the person you are meant to be

  • You want to enjoy your career

  • You want to enjoy your personal life

  • You want to reach your potential

  • You are intelligent and would relish the opportunity to have high-level, transformative conversations that allow you to get in touch with the best of yourself

  • You want to be more prosperous in all ways

  • You don't want to settle anymore

  • You are ready to step into your own greatness (or at least open to it!)

  • You know you are a person of integrity and are ready for your life to reflect that

  • You want results

I encourage you to proceed with a free session with me (Request a free life coaching session with Michele) to discover for yourself what coaching with me can offer you.

Need a better understanding of what coaching is?  Read this:  What is Coaching? (opens in new window).

What types of specific results have my clients had?

  • A medium size business owner has expanded his business by 30% in one year, while reducing his stress level and drastically reducing his time spent at work.  Update:  He has now completely turned over the operations of the business to a general manager, and is pursuing more fulfilling activities, while still making more money than ever.

  • An executive has greater personal fulfillment, and changed positions to one that allows for more learning and work-life balance.  Update:  He is now writing a book!

  • A professional is discovering that worry and anxiety about the future can be replaced with optimism and joy, and he gets better results in his life that way.

  • A small business owner, that was ready to give up before he started coaching, has doubled his revenue for three years in a row, while enjoying his work more and more

  • A brilliant consultant has learned to focus on what can be controlled - His own thoughts, emotional focus and actions, and let go of everything else.  He is on a radical growth path, and the work environments he finds himself in have also transformed in the most amazing and positive ways.  He is doing the greatest work of his life, compensated abundantly, and his work makes a significant contribution to society.

  • An executive has gone from being bullied and double-crossed at work to a life of fulfillment and joy

  • A bored office worker has changed careers to become a successful nutritionist...She even got her training for free!

Reality Check - Is your life moving forward?  How long can you afford to be stuck?  Get coaching today and invest in yourself.

What kind of results can you expect from life coaching?

Please take a moment to read what some of my clients have to say:

"Working with Michele has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Once the way is clear, Michele's coaching provides a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep me on the path that I have chosen. In just a few months, I've seen my stress level drop and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds."   D.S., USA


Life Coaching with Michele changed my life. I was at a standstill for over 10 years working a Corporate job I didn't like. After 1 month of working with her I found a school to attend, my confidence increased in making a decision and I was able to move forward. I ended taking the package from Corporate and now I have the job of my dreams. I am a Holistic Health Counselor. I see clients privately and I do cooking classes and seminars. I never imagined what working with Michele would have done. A great experience but also a necessary one to make things happen in my life. I can't thank her enough.


Irene Maltzan, Holistic Health Counselor, NJ


Coaching with Michele allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education to have a career that I will love!  I have always wanted to have my own business but fear prevented me from taking the steps necessary to make it happen.  Michele's coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work.  I now have a timeline to the day I can run my business full time and I look forward to my future career.  Michele helped me make my dreams come true!  M.K., USA


"I wasn't sure if life coaching was what I needed to help me reach my goals, but after only one month of working with Michele a powerful transformation is taking place in my life.  I love getting up in the morning, I delight in my children and my husband, and I am allowing myself to enjoy the journey.  Michele's guidance, support, and honest feedback is teaching me to embrace my unique approach to life and live in a way that truly brings me joy."  S.T., USA


read more testimonials here


If you have the sense that this might be something powerful for you, I urge you to follow that hunch and explore this opportunity.  You have nothing to lose, and more than you currently can comprehend to gain.

"When individuals join in a cooperative venture, the power generated far
exceeds what they could have accomplished acting individually."

--R. Buckminster Fuller

see more of my favorite quotes


I offer the following Coaching Programs (Details Below):

Personal Life/Career/Executive Coaching

Group eCoaching

For people that are serious about change and have budgetary constraints, I am willing to discuss finding a way to make coaching work for you!

Personal Life Coaching - 3, 45 minute sessions a month

I'll work one-on-one with you as your life is rapidly transformed towards fulfillment and success.  We'll have powerful scheduled coaching calls three times a month.  Our first call of the first month will be a powerful strategy session where we set objectives that are going to create real change in your life.  There will be a homework list of items for you to complete on your own in between our calls, so there will always be forward progress.  In our calls, we'll brainstorm, I'll keep you accountable, and I'll help you discover what is most important for you and create it in your life.  Personal life/career/executive coaching is for those that are done living in the old ways and are ready for transformative positive change.

Personal Life/Career/Executive Coaching with Michele Includes:

  • Three scheduled coaching calls for up to 45 minutes each

  • Unlimited email coaching

  • Free short interim calls for urgent situations

  • Free texting anytime you wish to check in

  • Online goal tracking if desired

  • Video coaching available for those with webcams

  • Access to my private client area of website with tons of tools and resources

Fees are payable by Visa/MasterCard or PayPal.  There is no commitment beyond one month, but you should probably expect the coaching to last at least three months (although many have been with me for much longer, because they love the results they are getting!)  (Invest in yourself by paying in three month bundles, and you'll save 10%.)

Reality Check - A few months of life coaching can transform your whole life, for the rest of your life.

Email me at and let me know about the changes you'd love to see in your life, your time zone, and your scheduling preferences (or complete the webform here: request life coaching session with Michele), and we'll start with a free session for you to learn more. 

Group eCoaching

A powerful way to gain access to my best resources and information, without the cost or commitment of personal coaching.  Includes three group coaching calls a month!  Includes access to my private client area.  Suitable for those interested in improving their own lives, or becoming a coach to help others.  Also, a great way to learn more about my style if you are considering personal life coaching.  An amazing opportunity.  Learn more about eCoaching here...



For New Coaches!  Interested working with me as your mentor?  See Life Coach Mentoring here...



Learning more about me and if I might be a great coach for you:

I am the INTP personality type.  I tend to work especially well with other NT's, and NF's.

Hear my empowering message, The Power of Choice: .  See some of my media appearances here.  I am a regular guest speaker at Grail Springs Health and Wellness Spa.

I love nature and live on beautiful Wasaga Beach, Ontario, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I work with clients from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and China.

Read my Coach Michele life coaching blog here!


Ready for more, but not ready for Coaching yet?  Get my Life Coaching Intentions eCourse to start changing your life today...

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