There is an excellent self-directed course available for high level executive coaching.

It’s unbelievable how much information is packed into this course.

If you want to, or do, work with executives or managers, this course is for you.

I’ve arranged for a discount!  Find out more about this course here…

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Powerful testimonials from the last live MBC course!

View the testimonials here…


It just so happens that a lot of people that seek you out for coaching will be small business owners/entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs make very good clients for coaches!  They are creative, want to improve themselves and their lives, and understand that they need to invest in themselves to reach success.

Yet, how good a coach are you for entrepreneurs?  Can you assist them with making a huge success of their business?  Having tools specifically for business makes you an in demand, very valuable coach.

The Fowler Master Business Coach program is THE elite certification for working with small business owners/entrepreneurs.

I’ve massively increased my value to my business clients by becoming a Master Business Coach.

If you want to work with business owners, you’d be doing yourself a huge service by developing yourself and your own business with the MBC certification.

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There are a lot of options out there for coach training and coach certification.

Many programs are weighted very heavily towards personal development.  That is certainly wonderful, however in my experience having mentored over 50 coaches, often coaches come out of these programs not very confident how to actually coach.

And, that is after spending months/years and many thousands of dollars!

I work closely with FIA, and recommend their Certified Professional Coach course.  It gives you a practical and powerful coaching system that you will be confident you can use with your clients and get great results.

Although this course provides certification and tools for any coaching “niche”, it is a great starting place for becoming a Life Coach, Career Coach and/or Wellness Coach.


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This blog will help you create your ideal career, that of an in demand, highly paid, service oriented, deeply fulfilled life coach, executive coach, business coach, career coach, wellness coach or any sort of coaching that you are drawn to!

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